The overall objective of SPARE project is to manufacture full-scale floor grids (passengers and cargo) for regional Aircraft Fuselage using carbon fibres reinforced composite with thermoplastic matrix. Innovative solutions (Progressive Roll Forming and Induction welding) for highly automated production will be used, thus ensuring weight saving and recurring cost reduction.

Greener aero-structures


The introduction of composite
materials represents a very
effective environmental solution
during the service (offering a
wider possibility of repairing)
and at the end of service (fully
recycling the materials in the

way of chop fibres). Moreover,
the weight saving will offer a
reduction of fuel consumption

and consequently of air pollution.

Costs reduction


Reduction of manufacturing
and maintenance costs through
the introduction of composite
materials and process automation.

Weight reduction


Weight reduction by introducing
advanced lightweight composite
materials with better mechanical
properties and impact resistance
compared to metals.