DEWTECOMP – DEvelopment of innovative Welding systems for structural joints of ThErmoplastic matrix-based COMPosites

The aim of the project is to develop an induction welding system to achieve innovative and efficient way of structural fusion bond of reinforcement parts (gussets, wedges, fittings) to structural frames in order to obtain a highly integrated Door Surround Structure. CETMA, together with TME, is working on the implementation of an induction welding system based on a robotic arm with a welding head, able to join thermoplastic matrix based composites.






The overall goal of the TOD project is to demonstrate rapid manufacturability and validation of a full-scale thermoplastic composite door including its surrounding, sub-structure for regional aircraft fuselage barrel. The proposition of TOD project is related to the following:

  • Optimization and validation of component manufacturing using thermoforming and joining processes such as Induction Welding and Resistive Implant Welding, which will enable light weighting by removal of mechanical fasteners
  • Take advantage of technology advancement in industry 4.0 automation and on-line monitoring to support higher production rate with high quality performances (Zero defect) and robust control.