Expected Impact

Weight Reduction
Introducing composite material a weight reduction is expected; having lighter materials, those materials have a better mechanical properties and impact resistance compared to metals.
Target value attended for weight reduction is around 20% compared to aluminium solution.
Cost Reduction
Cost reduction will be the results of different technologies and configuration trade off that will have in common the process automation; this feature allows the desired competitiveness of composite material and their processing: automation and surface treatments cost saving can balance the cost of raw materials.
If compared with aluminium solution, composite processes can involve a manufacturing cost reduction of 40%.
Maintenance Cost Reduction
The introduction of composite materials represent the most important feature in life cycle management cost of the components; more over composites offer also additional capability in repairing cycles.
Thanks to the possibility given by composite materials and consequently by innovative assembly processes, all parts of the structure can be disassembled for maintenance activities in easy and time reduction way. For this reason, a reduction of 50% for maintenance cost is attended.